On August 6 the voters of this district will cast ballots to determine the direction in which we will be going to in the future. We want someone who will fight against all injustice and address the issues that prevent us from moving forward. Therefore, it is important to understand what each candidate stands for, and how the candidate plans to ensure a better future for the citizens of the 54th district. Below you can find some of the issues Attorney Clayton plans to address if selected for this position.


Today, our children's future is at risk. As we are in the middle of a global pandemic, we are faced with a significant short fall in local and state revenue, our educational system is not being adequately funded, and the priorities of this state must be realigned by placing greater emphasis on education and less on incarceration. Our children must be given equal access to quality education irrespective of what zip code they were born in. Creating a voucher system will only continue to impede local school districts abilities to improve teachers’ pay and provide resources for teachers to improve the quality of their equipment.  We must provide our local school districts with the necessary resources to keep our children safe and control issues such as bullying. The Tennessee Department of Education must put safeguards in place to prevent students from having to take standardized tests that do not adequately measure their performance.  Our teachers deserve to be paid comfortable salaries and not be blamed for systemic failures of our public education system.  Currently, there are more jobs available for high school graduates’ minuscule traits, service industry and technological jobs than there are for college graduates.  Therefore, we must make plan to return vocational education back into high schools throughout the state.  Finally we must provide reliable, fast and affordable internet access to intercity and rural families to ensure equal opportunities


The high rates of death among minorities who contract Covid-19 has shed light on the disparages that exists in Tennessee's healthcare based upon race.  Therefore, I will continue to fight for accessible, quality, and affordable health care for all Tennesseans.  Tenn-care is a healthcare program to protect our children (regardless of income);  however, Tenn-care needs to be strengthened. We must also expand Medicaid as our recent Covid-19 epidemic demonstrates that everyone should have access to public healthcare, but the state has refused to accept federal dollars so that we can cover health care for those individuals who cannot afford health insurance. Our state's failure to expand Medicaid has resulted in over 10 rural hospitals having to close their doors, which has made those communities less desirable for their citizens. Because emergency rooms are not close to rural communities the ammo lances are serving as emergency rooms. Politicians need to quit playing politics with the safety and health of their citizens, so we must push for someone who wants better for healthcare for all.

Equal Justice

I will fight every effort by the Republicans to suppress the right of citizens of this state to vote. Every year efforts are being made to prevent people of color and citizens living in poverty from voting. I will work to eliminate all efforts to disenfranchise voters in the state.
I will work to change laws that have a disparaging of fact on minorities, for example decriminalizing walls relating to marijuana use and possession, laws that differentiate crimes regarding the use of cocaine and crack cocaine and also eliminating cash bonds for minor criminal offenses. I will work to pass sensible gun safety laws, particularly the banishing of displaying semi-automatic weapons at public events. I will propose legislation that refuels the law that requires sellers of liquor and alcohol to card consumers. I will propose legislation that remove the qualified immunity defense for officers who use excessive force. I will also propose legislation that creates hate crimes for criminal conduct that results in injuries or harm to an individual because of his or her race, religion, creed, color or sexual orientation.

Environmental Laws

I will propose legislation that will promote the use of renewable energy and place restrictions on the use of energy sources that results in rapid changes in our climate. I will support legislation that will promote recycling at the local level and encourage state agencies to recycle and use renewable energy.  I will fight to increase penalties against industrial and individual polluters.


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